FREE DateLens 1.03 (for Pocket PC)
- Pocket PC Calendaring Without Getting Lost

DateLens is a novel calendar interface for Microsoft Pocket PC, supporting planning and analysis tasks particularly well by using a fisheye representation of dates coupled with compact overviews, user control over the visible time period, and integrated search.  This enables users to see overviews and to easily navigate the calendar structure, and to discover patterns and outliers.
  • Extremely easy to use - just a tap to zoom in
  • See an overview of three months at once!
  • Animated transitions mean you don't get lost
  • Works seamlessly with ActiveSync and Outlook

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"I LOVE IT! Great job. I can't get enough people to see it here in my office and everyone I show it to says 'Where can I get it. I HAVE to have it.'"
    -- Brian Sherwin

"I had to write to tell you that this is an awesome concept. It is an interface for which I have been looking for many years, but couldn’t ever verbalize it. I just found your site last night and I am already hooked. Do you have or know of any similar interface for the Palm OS? I am considering replacing my palm with a Pocket PC just to use DateLens!"
    -- Jeff Rains

"Everything sort of complies with the traditional design standards of Windows applications, yet at the same time we are left with something that feels far more 'organic', far more intuitive, and even far more fun to use. ... This is one those pieces of software that really is best used or seen to appreciate how intuitive it really is."
    -- Ben Locke,

"DateLens is one of the most intuitive and unique interfaces around. It goes beyond being a mere program and into the realm of great interface design -- it adheres to most everything I learned about good user interface design I have learned."
    -- Kevin Jackson

"You really have to try DateLens to see the difference."
    -- Doug Raeburn

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System Requirements:

  • Any PDA running Microsoft Pocket PC

  • .NET Compact Framework (distributed with DateLens)