Why Is All This Software Free?

What's the catch?

There is no catch.  After selling our software for a few years, we have watched the world change.  People expect to be able to download good software for free, and so we are obliging.

So, you must be asking, how are you going to make money?  We just decided to write good software first, and worry about money later.  Yes, we added some advertising to the website to pay our bills. 

And we're now licensing our software to folks that are interested in redistributing it, or embedding it in their products.  So, contact us if you're interested, frequent our advertisers, or make a donation to support our work.


How free is it?

All Windsor Interfaces software is free for you to use.  But you may not redistribute it in any way, for free or for money.  If you want to let other people use it, you must point them back to the Windsor Interfaces website, and let them download it from here.

And if you want a license to redistribute our software, send us email.


Do you sell anything?

Yes, we license the PhotoMesa Control, so you can add zooming and photo browsing to your .NET application.

And we also are willing to license our other products for redistributing, embedding in your products, or re-branding as your own.  Contact us and tell us what you're interested in.