PhotoMesa 3.1.2
- Image Browsing Without the Effort

Version 3.1.2 - April 1, 2006

  • Automatically detects whether correct version of MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is installed

  • Creates a separate "state" file for each user

  • Fixed an occasional error that can happen on application exit

Version 3.1.1 - March 14, 2006

  • Fixed bug so PhotoMesa now properly runs on machines with just .NET 2.0 installed

Version 3.1 - March 7, 2006

  • Made completely free

  • Substantially improved speed and rendering quality all around - from thumbnail computation time to loading of high-resolution images.

  • Changed internal mechanism for creating and managing computed thumbnail images.  They are now all stored in a single database improving performance, and easing management.  This also fixes the problem where images with very long paths could not be loaded into PhotoMesa.

  • Integrated previous "Zoom" and "Select" modes so now there is just a single interaction mode making it easier to use.  The essential interaction is like the old "Zoom" mode (left click zooms in, right click zooms out), and selection is supported by holding down the Control key.

  • Many other user interface improvements and features.  Try it and discover!

Version 3.01 - May 29, 2005

  • Fixed problem with embedded date formats in some photos in non-U.S. regions

Version 3.0 - May 24, 2005

  • A complete rewrite from the ground up.  We could not begin to enumerate the changes, but to summarize, the new version offers improved performance, major support for annotation and search, and more file formats.

Version 2.01 - August 4, 2003

  • Shortcuts followed correctly
  • Bundled with Java 1.4.2

Version 2.0 - June 2, 2003

  • Initial release